Ordering Prints

To order a print, send an email to the "Orders" address listed on the contact page. Include in the email the exact image filename (displayed when the mouse hovers in the image area) and the desired print size as listed below. The dimensions are those of the printed image area, and the prices are in USD.

8 by 12 : $35
12 by 18 : $80

CONUS Shipping: $10

A selection of work is also on display at Gallerie Renee Marie, 1038 First Street, Benicia, California

Important Information:
  1. The long dimension may vary depending on the print.
  2. Not all prints are available in all sizes.
  3. Paper will be chosen depending on what is deemed best for rendering a given image
  4. Prints are signed by the artist but are always "open edition"
  5. All work is completed exclusively by the photographer
  6. Only archival inks and papers are used, therefore print longevity is conservatively estimated at > 60 years if properly displayed
  7. Prints are shipped in a sturdy mailing tube with an information sheet.

On receipt of your order, you will be contacted to confirm the order and provide payment details. Note that only payments via Paypal will be accepted.

<B>Filename:</B>  BCI_2003-10-12_ID#4894_1_1-Edit-2,   <B>Title:</B> Cliff Dwelling, Sedona, AZ