This site showcases some of the photographic work of Robert Schwiebert, which focuses on nature, works of man, and the abstract.

My photographic leanings can perhaps best be summed up by an eloquent quote from Michael Kenna: "I prefer the power of suggestion over description. Photography, for me, is not about copying the world." Unless one is engaged in photojournalism, a photograph should express a vision, not a view.

To me, the end result of the photographic process is the print. Therefore, printimaking is always done in-house using a professional-qualiy printer and the highest quality inks, paper, and matting materials. You can be sure that prints from Black Cats Imaging are of the highest quality and longevity.

<B>Filename:</B>  BCI_2013-10-08_ID#4173,   <B>Title:</B> Disintegrating Car Window